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Bolin Creek is currently impaired, meaning poor water quality and low biodiversity along much of its course, beginning at Pathway Drive. No one has been able to pinpoint the reasons for this impairment. Below are a list of studies, some of more general interest, but most focused on the Bolin Creek watershed.

Landscape with Wildlife for Orange County, Steve Hall and Haven Wiley. Parts I (1997) and Part II (1999)
Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Orange County, 1988, Triangle Land Conservancy
Assessment Report: Biological Impairment in the Little Creek Watershed (2003)
The Eco System Enhancement Program Local Watershed Plan for Little Creek
, (2004)
Biohabitats Study of Carolina North (2007)
Biohabitats Study of Conservation Areas (2011)
Bolin Creek Watershed Geomorphic Analysis, (2007)
Chapel Hill and UNC Development Agreement, (2009)

Corps of Engineers Permit application for Carolina North
Bolin Creek Watershed Restoration – now underway

Streams in the Urban Landscape, Paul & Meyer 2001
Recommended Riparian Buffers.
Riparian Buffers, What is the right buffer width?
Presentation to Chapel Hill, Michael Paul, January 22, 2013

 Other studies of interest

Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystem
USGS:  Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystem

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
: Alterations of stream flow magnitudes…
Effects of Urbanization.., Hershey

Upper Swift Creek, DWQ (2009)

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