High School Project Renovation

Friends of Bolin Creek has been monitoring plans for the High School renovation. Large parts of the school will be replaced and the construction offers opportunities for improved stormwater management.

The current plans faces the new buildings toward Seawell School Road with a new entrance for parents there. These plan show a driveway crossing Jolly Branch, a tributary to Bolin Creek. We checked out the plans and we had several areas of concern: the siting of a soccer fields and a road/driveway and traffic circle that would impact waterways and state and local buffer regulations, and in particular Jolly Branch.  This is a beautiful little creek and has been used for years as an outdoor classroom of exceptional quality and diversity.

We’ve been talking to Chapel Hill stormwater staff about the plan’s conflicts with local waterway regulations.  Most recently we had a good meeting with Todd LoFrese, the Director of Buildings and Facilities for Chapel Hill Carrboro Public Schools.

Of course this project will be subject to review by Town staff as are other projects, and the intermittent and perennial streams are subject to Resource Conservation District (RCD) buffers. Jolly Branch is also subject to Jordan Lake buffers.

We anticipate that the next concept plans will take into account some of these environmental constraints.