Still House Bottom Acquisition

The Stillhouse Bottom natural area is the only undisturbed, steep, north-facing ravine left in Orange County according to the Inventory of Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats for Orange County, NC (2004). Preservation of this site is a conservation priority for the state of North Carolina, Orange County, and the North Carolina Botanical Garden. Over 100 plant species have been identified, and the high quality of the site is demonstrated by the presence of red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, yellow-billed cuckoos, white-breasted nuthatches, ovenbirds, and scarlet tanagers, and other deep forest birds. Stream quality is likewise demonstrated by the healthy amphibian community, made up of dusky salamanders, two-lined salamanders, and green frogs.  Read more..

In the Jan 13th Carrboro Citizen, Ken Moore writes: ” Not far from Chapel Hill’s Merritt Pasture stands Stillhouse Bottom. The Merritt family’s former land included the steep forested ravine known as Stillhouse Bottom, a name that initiates numerous stories from old-timers.”  Read more…

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