Update Coal Ash Problem

This spring, Friends of Bolin Creek requested soil testing along the Greenway before construction began on the extension project. NC DEQ adopted this request and required the testing, which revealed high levels of arsenic, chromium, and other pollutants in the soil around the Greenway. The construction project is on hold until further testing is completed and a safe handling procedure is adopted. In response to this and other comments from Friends of Bolin Creek, NC DEQ designated the coal ash dump a “High Priority” site, which requires a more rigorous evaluation.

Friends of Bolin Creek commented on the work plan for this “Phase II” study, and NC DEQ adopted some of its suggestions. Additional groundwater, surface water, and soil testing will be conducted at the site. The town has posted signs along the Greenway identifying the coal ash dump site. Meanwhile, Friends of Bolin Creek continues to advocate for the common-sense solution of removing the coal ash from this unlined dump in the center of Chapel Hill. We have an online petition and additional information at http://ash.bolincreek.org/.

Nick Torrey

Nicholas S. Torrey
Staff Attorney
Southern Environmental Law Center