Petition to Board of Aldermen

To:                   Petition to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen

From:               Rob McClure for Friends of Bolin Creek

Subject:           Public Process, Conceptual Master Plan for the Bolin Creek Greenway, Phases 3 and 4

Date:               June 28, 2016

The Board of Aldermen agreed on June 14, 2016 to proceed with a public process outlined in a 2009 resolution that directs the staff “to establish a process for public input on Phases 3 and 4.”

Seven years has passed since a different Board of Aldermen passed that 2009 resolution and conditions have changed. The consultant’s Conceptual Master Plan contains options for routes, not adopted routes. The 2009 Board adopted only some of them, making changes based on public input. Since then Carrboro and Chapel Hill have made plans for additional routes that greatly improve connectivity but plans have not been updated.

Therefore, we respectfully request that the Board of Aldermen identify the purpose for the planned public process which carefully describes the problem you are trying to solve. We ask that the Board and town staff ensure the following opportunities in the design of the public process:

  • That citizens be given the opportunity to comment on an array of options in the public process which will include the several routes proposed in the consultant’s Conceptual Greenway Plan for phases 3 and 4, as well as the Seawell School Road and the Campus to Campus Connector bike routes.
  • That the staff acknowledge in the design of the process the work of the Carrboro Greenways Commission who reviewed phased 3 and 4 in the Conceptual Greenway report in 2010 over a series of meetings and concluded that no action need be taken for phases 3 and 4.
  • That the Board consider more than the one objective as the purpose for the public process. In addition to biking, please include goals to mitigate damage to impaired streams, protect wildlife, and to provide a balance of types of recreation, including a natural surface and forest environment.

This map supports these points and underscore the need for the Towns leaders to ensure:

  • A public process that makes known the relevant facts about all the existing and planned routes in the area.
  • That information and advice from DEQ share the downsides of placing pavement next to waterways.
  • Acknowledges the conclusions from Carrboro’s own Advisory Boards. Specifically the Greenways Commission recommendation, as well as the Transportation Advisory Board who said a creekside route is redundant and unsuitable for commuting purposes.
  • That all are aware that Carrboro and Chapel Hill have already requested funding from the MPO for an important north-south bike route:  the Seawell School Road and the Campus Connector bike projects.