Howard Lineberger has served as an advisor to the Bolin Creek Conservation Plan Study. Howard received his BS in Geology from Furman University, and a MS in Geology from UNC-CH.  After 5 years in mineral exploration he has taught High school science since 1985, in Durham, Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and Orange County Schools. He has taught at Durham Academy since 1998.

For an introduction to the relationship between creeks and geology consult this article.

For even more cool geology info, check out this NC Geology site about The Geology of Bolin Creek and the Chapel Hill, North Carolina Area.

Map from the NC Geology site

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  1. Betsy Kempter says:


    I read with interest your geology link, and I just wanted to point out that the creek discussed under this article is quite different from Bolin Creek. As a ‘new’ stream in the Ozarks, its pattern of sedimentation and channel maintenance will be quite different from streams in our area. According to Luna B. Leopold’s Water, Rivers and Creeks, for non-mountain streams, it is not the large flooding events, but “the modest but frequent flows that shape, alter, and maintain the channel morphology.” This of course refers to a stream in its state of ‘quasi equilibrium’ which is not undergoing a major shift in climate or drainage pattern. This book is an excellent introduction to the subject.
    Thanks so much for promoting learning about our creeks!

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