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Welcome to the Website for the Friends of Bolin Creek!
Contact us at friendsofbolincreek@gmail.com

Bolin Creek provides a home for an amazing diversity of creatures, including the rare four toed salamander, both in its waters and in the riparian buffer surrounding it. This stream also feeds into Jordan Lake, which is a water supply for over half a million people! Unfortunately, this wonderful stream is classified as impaired, meaning that it does not pass the standards set by our state for drinkable, fishable waters. In this site, you can learn about how to join us and make a difference to the creek!

Read about our efforts to conserve this special forest of over 400 acres. See map.

We Need Your Help! Bolin Creek and its forest are threatened again! Your help is needed to conserve this urban forest in Carrboro’s heart from a proposed plan to build a paved multi use path along Bolin Creek. Construction would require blasting and clearing to a minimum of 30 feet, removing trees along the creek bank, destroying the riparian buffer the birds and other wildlife depend upon.

Bolin Creek winds for 2 miles through a 400+ acre forest within a unique natural setting of stunning beauty, historical significance, documented ecological value, and offers humans much needed serenity as our towns have become more urban. Our supporters include naturalists, birders, runners, or just anyone who would enjoy a walk in a forest.

For more information or questions about how to help, contact friendsofbolincreek@gmail.com

Thanks, Friends of Bolin Creek
Artist’s map by Geneva Green, Geneva’s website: Greenstone Quarterly

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  1. Janet Whitesides says:

    Wed, 3/8
    I was running on the northwest side of the creek close to the big footbridge yesterday and heard a loud noise which I thought might have been coming from chain saws. I came upon 3 teenage boys riding motorized dirt bikes on some trails just off of the creek. I stopped one and asked what they were doing. He told me they were on private property, which ran all the way down to the creek. The noise was deafening. Is your group aware of this?

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